Pest control (insects and flies)

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Buzz doorway insect curtain
Universal insect curtain with weighted mesh panels. Includes complete installation kit. ..
Buzz insect strip blind for doors
90 x 200cm walk through plastic strips. Traditional low cost insect control. Three mixed colours ..
Kybosh insect killer aerosol 400ml
A household insecticide suitable for the control a wide range of flying and crawling insect ..
Nippon ant killer powder 150g
Nippon Ant Killer Liquid is formulated to destroy complete ant colonies without trace. It consist..
Rentokil fly & wasp killer 300ml
Rentokil fly & wasp killer spray is a fast acting insecticidal formulation which kills flies,..
Rentokil fly killer cassette
The Rentokil fly killer cassette is designed to kill flies, moths, mosquitoes, wasps and other fl..
Rentokil Insectrol aerosol 250ml
Rentokil insectrol insect Killer Spray will help you to get rid of household insects. This insect..
Rentokil small space fly killer
Zero in bed bug killer aerosol 300ml
This bed bug killer from STV treats mattresses, beds and bedroom furniture. It offers long term p..
Zero in electronic insect killer
Kills flies, moths and midges. Collects dead insects hygienically. Insect control without..
Zero in fly papers pack of 4
Universally tested - kills over 30% more flies than other brands. Now baited with insect attr..