Pest control (insects and flies)

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Buzz doorway insect curtain
Universal insect curtain with weighted mesh panels. Includes complete installation kit. ..
Kybosh insect killer aerosol 400ml
A household insecticide suitable for the control a wide range of flying and crawling insect ..
Nippon ant killer bait station x2
This pre-baited station is clean and simple to use. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it ..
Nippon ant killer liquid 25g
Consisting of a sugary bait specially formulated to appeal to ants, this ant killer liquid helps ..
Nippon ant killer powder 150g
Nippon Ant Killer Liquid is formulated to destroy complete ant colonies without trace. It consist..
Nippon ant killer spray 750ml
This fast acting and effective spray controls ants, cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs, killing on co..
Pest Shield Spider Killer Spray
Kills spiders and other creepy crawlies. ..
Rentokil ant and crawling insect killer powder
Ant and crawling insect killer is a general purpose insect powder designed for the effective cont..
Rentokil carpet beetle and moth killer powder
Particularly good for applying around the edge of a room, this carpet moth and beetle killer come..
Rentokil fly killer cassette x4
The Rentokil fly killer cassette is designed to kill flies, moths, mosquitoes, wasps and other fl..
Rentokil Insectrol aerosol 250ml
Rentokil insectrol insect Killer Spray will help you to get rid of household insects. This insect..
STV bed bug and dust mite killer spray
This bed bug killer can be used to kill and provide long term protection from infestations of bed..
STV Bug Bat
The Bug Bat is a lightweight, plastic bat that is ideal for camping trips or barbecues and picnic..
STV fly and wasp killer spray
This fly and wasp killer provides cost-effective control of flies, wasps and other biting insects..
STV fly papers pack of 4
Universally tested - kills over 30% more flies than other brands. Now baited with insect attr..