Bathroom cleaning

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Addis comfigrip shower squeegee
Astonish Bathroom Cleaner 750ml
Achieve a sparkling bathroom with Astonish products bathroom cleaner. It provides effective use o..
Astonish daily shower cleaner 750ml
A fantastic cleaner for all showers from Astonish. Simply spray on and rinse off. This cleaner sh..
Astonish mould & mildew remover 750ml
A powerful mould & mildew remover from Astonish that kills unsightly spores, preventing re-gr..
HG grout cleaner 500ml
HG grout cleaner concentrate removes persistent dirt from grout. Any yellow or brown dirt th..
HG Hygenic Toilet Area Cleaner 500ml
With a simple trigger application you can always have a hygenic toilet area. The quick drying for..
HG mould spray 500ml
HG mould spray effectively removes all brown stains caused by mould, fungus and algae. These..
HG professional limescale remover 500ml
HG professional limescale remover (hagesan blue) is a highly concentrated cleaner for the re..
HG scale away 500ml
Where there is water, there is limescale. Limescale leaves a dull film behind on tiles, shower cu..
HG shower & washbasin spray 500ml
HG shower & washbasin spray is the ideal every day cleaner for wash basins, plastic show..
Thick bleach Parazone is specially developed to prevent the build up of Limescale or Thin Film. I..
Duck® 4in1 Liquid Cleaner provides complete hygiene for your toilet, leaving it fresh and clean.&..