Disposable cookware

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Caroline 1001 foil trays with lids pack of 10
Pack of 10 16oz foil trays with lids. 103mm x 129mm x 41mm.     ..
Caroline 1002 foil trays with lids 65cl pack of 5
Pack of 5 93mm x 184mm x 49mm (approx) 23oz foil trays with lids. ..
Caroline 1004 foil trays with lids 85cl pack of 5
Set of 4 x 30oz foil trays with lids. 139mm x 203mm x 45mm. ..
Caroline 1008 foil trays with lids 1620cc pack of 5
Bake or store in these foil trays that come with lids. There is 5 x 60oz in a pack and they are m..
Caroline 1021 pie plates pack of 8
Pack of 8 x 8" foil pie plates. 197 x 16mm deep. ..
Caroline 1023 pie plates pack of 6
Perfect for making pies, these recyclable foil plates come varying sizes and quantities. 9 inch, ..
Caroline 1034 pie dishes pack of 6
Pack of 6 16oz Rect Foil Pie Dish. 195 x 146 x 40mm. ..
Caroline 1041 mini pudding basins pack of 10
Set of 10 6oz Mini Pudding Basins. 80mm diameter x 53mm deep. ..
Caroline 1054 flan cases pack of 6
6 x 8" Foil Flan Case. 215mm diameter x 24mm deep. ..
Caroline plastic pint glasses x12
Plastic tumblers are great for parties as you'll have no breakages to deal with and they're dispo..
Essential Embossed Medium Foil Platter x3
This foil platter is great for food displays and perfect for parties & picnics Medium, 45..
Essential Foil Pudding Basin 2lb x2
Pack of two foil pudding basins, perfect for making and serving desserts. They have a capacity of..
Essential micro containers and lids 1000cc pack of 4
Essential micro containers and lids 500cc pack of 6
Essential micro containers and lids 650cc pack of 5