Kitchen cleaning

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A powerful but safe cleaner from Astonish for use all around the home for a germ free environment..
The Astonish cream cleaner with lemon is specially formulated to lift and remove dirt and grease,..
Stains will easily lift of your crockery with this cup cleaner from Astonish. For use on chin..
Kitchens see a lot of dirt from worktops to ovens but the Kitchen cleaner allows you to maintain ..
Astonish Oven & Cookware Cleaner 150g Probably the most versatile cleaner in the world ..
Make your dishes sparkle with Morning Fresh washing up liquid.  The handy 450ml bottle comes..
Even tougher than traditional crystals, liquid soda crystals will clean soap scum, mould and lime..
Dri-Pak soda crystals 1kg
Before the advent of modern cleaning products, Soda Crystals, (previously known as Washing Soda,)..
Animal or vegetable fats, grease or oils  are completely removed with HG grease away. I..
HG hob cleaner for every day use is a safe, fresh-smelling cleaner for daily use on ceramic ..
HG hob thorough cleaner is a safe, fresh-smelling cleaner that is specially designed for the..
HG natural stone kitchen top cleaner has been especially developed for the safe daily cleani..
HG oven, grill & barbecue cleaner removes cleanly and effectively dried and even ba..
HG stainless steel 'quick'-shine brings an amazing shine to stainless steel surfaces and is ..
Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner has the powerful cleaning action to make your oven sparkle. It is a foamin..