Clothing & fabric care

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Astonish All In One Dishwasher Tablets x 42
The all in 1 dishwasher tablets are formulated with a powerful cleaning action to remove even the..
Chef aid wash bag 25.5 x 30cm
Zipped laundry bag for segregating small or delicate clothing from the main wash. Approximate siz..
Dri-Pak liquid soap flakes
Due to consumer demand Dri-Pak, the only manufacturer of Soap Flakes in the UK, now produce ..
Dylon colour catcher 12 sheets
The leading brand in colour run prevention, Colour Catcher® helps over a million households in th..
Dylon curtain renovator 3 sachets
Whitens, revives and freshens white curtains. Gives long lasting freshness. Also brilliant whiten..
Dylon S.O.S colour run remover
Dylon® S.O.S Colour Run turns back the clock on most colour run disasters, restoring fabrics to t..
Dylon spray starch aerosol 300ml
When fabrics like shirts & table linens must look pristine, Dylon Spray Starch makes it easy ..
Dylon travel wash 100ml
Dylon travel wash is bleach free and safe to use on fabrics. It is effective in hot, cold and eve..
Dylon white renovator 4 sachets
After a while whites can lose their brightness and look a little dull. Dylon Fabric Whitener and ..
Maid Simple Laundry Soap 170g
Great for shifting stains from fabrics, this soap can be used as a pre-treatment before a machine..
Russel lint roller
Tableau fabric protector aerosol 400ml
Protect carpets, curtains, suede and upholstery from spills, stains and grime. Just spray Tableau..
Tableau Foam Leather Cleaner 250ml
This product is a fast acting foam to deep clean and restore leather and suede items. It is ideal..
Tableau spot remover aerosol 200ml
Tableau spot stain remover is a no-ring, no-rinse spray to remove oil stains, food splashes, make..
Woolite hand & machine wash 750ml
Woolite® for delicates  is a gentle washing liquid, specially formulated to take care of you..