Washing up brushes

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Addis 9201 pot brush
The Addis pot brush has a small head to make cleaning cups & glasses easier. The built in..
Addis 9203 jumbo brush
The Addis jumbo brush has a large fan shape head to make washing up quicker & easier. The bui..
Addis ComfiGrip Bottle Brush
A small brush with long lasting flexible bristles which allow you to access, what seem to be, the..
Addis ComfiGrip Dish Brush
A Washing-Up Brush with a soft grip handle for comfort. It features a stubborn spot remover to he..
Addis Comfigrip Scourer Brush
A durable and hard-wearing cleaning tool.  Designed with comfort in mind, it has a soft grip..
Addis ComfiGrip Tile Brush
Complete your cleaning tasks in comfort with the soft grip handle on this tile brush. Its short s..
The Elliott Fantail Dish Brush is provided with the highest quality of fibres bristles ..
Tackle dirty dishes like an expert with the Elliott Round Dish brush. The dish brush is provided ..
Quick & Easy: the dish brush with a dosage pump. The Quick & Easy dish brush has a pr..
Spontex Dishmop
To start, fill with washing up liquid and close the tab, this will allow for the washing up liqui..
Spontex Dishmop Refill x3
These refills are deigned to fit the dish mop (6700983). They are strong and long lasting and mad..
Made rom natural materials, the Tala wooden dish brush is a great envornmentally friendly alterna..