Drain cleaners

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Buster bathroom plughole unblocker
Buster Bathroom plughole unblocker is a thick gel which sinks through standing water to dissolve ..
Buster kitchen plughole unblocker
This plughold unblocker blasts fat, food and clears trapped debris. Specifically developed to dee..
Buster Plughole Sanitiser
Stop smelly sinks with the Buster Liquid Sanitiser. It works to remove stains and germs that are ..
HG Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1L
This kitchen drain unblocker is based on natural micro-organisms that will eat away through stubb..
HG liquid drain unblocker 1 litre
HG liquid drain unblocker is very safe. As the product is ready for use, there is a much sma..
Kleen off thick bleach 750ml
KnockOut Caustic Soda 500g
Caustic Soda is a clever formula that unblocks drains and clears waste pipes which could save you..
Mr Muscle sink & drain foamer
Mr Muscle Kitchen & Bathroom Foamer is the powerful solution to clear slow running sinks, plu..