Mop head refills

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Addis cloth mop refill
This Addis mop has versatile cloth strands to get into nooks and crannies, ensuring tha..
Addis Mega Mop Refill
A refill for the Addis Mega Mop. It uses highly effective soft microfibres which protect your flo..
Addis superdry mop refill
If you have a large surface and you need to clean the floor fast, use the Addis Superdry mop. The..
Addis Twist Mop Refill
A refill for the innovative twist mop- allowing you to get the cleanest, most hygienic results ..
The essential Dusting Mop is the quick and easy way to wipe away dust from your hard floors a..
Our cloth is soft and gentle, yet super absorbent and highly effective Use the microfib..
Vileda' s Magic Mop Refill features durable-tear resistant foam, while the abrasive pad helps to ..
This is the refill for the Vileda Magic Mop Flat, which is an absorbent sponge mop with a unique ..
The new and improved SuperMocio 3Action XL mop now has 25% extra contact with the floor vs the pr..