Surface cleaners

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Astonish anti-bacterial cleanser 750ml
A powerful but safe cleaner from Astonish for use all around the home for a germ free environment..
Astonish Cream Cleaner With Lemon 500ml
The Astonish cream cleaner with lemon is specially formulated to lift and remove dirt and grease,..
Astonish Kitchen Cleaner Spray 750ml
Kitchens see a lot of dirt from worktops to ovens but the Kitchen cleaner allows you to maintain ..
Astonish Premium Edition Antibacterial Cleaner 750ml
A premium range of cleaning products from Astonish. The 750ml ready to use anti-bacterial cle..
Bar Keepers Friend Power Cream 350ml
A superior cream formulation for cleaning cookware, kitchens and bathrooms. The 350ml formu..
Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray 500ml
A unique formula designed for everyday situations in the Kitchen and Bathroom. It provides ..
Bar keepers friend stain remover 250g
Bar Keepers Friend Stain Remover and Multi Surface Cleaner cleans, restores and polish..
Dri-Pak bicarbonate of soda 500g
'Clean and Natural' Bicarbonate of Soda is a traditional cleaning product, renowned for its deodo..
Dri-Pak borax substitute 500g
Borax Substitute is part of the 'Clean and Natural' range. The EU has reclassified the 'Borate' g..
Dri-Pak white vinegar 500ml
White Vinegar is a traditional cleaning solution that has been used safely for centuries. The act..
HG natural stone kitchen top cleaner 500ml
HG natural stone kitchen top cleaner has been especially developed for the safe daily cleani..
Hotspot black grate polish 75ml
Hotspot black grate polish is a water based polish that covers minor scratches and rust. Leaving ..
KnockOut Household Ammonia 500ml
Household Ammonia is a highly versatile product that will make many cleaning tasks much simpler. ..
Mr Sheen aerosol 300ml
Dust contains hidden nasties such as dead skin cells, dried saliva, and decaying insect waste. Th..
Stardrops all round cleaner