Plant food

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Baby Bio houseplant food 175ml
The original liquid house plant feed, for greener leaves and vibrant colours. ..
Doff azalea camelia & rhododendron feed 1 litre
Specially formulated to improve blooms in acid loving plants Suitable for Rhododendrons..
Doff container & basket feed 1 litre
Quality feed with micro-nutrients for all containers and hanging baskets Liquid concent..
Doff hydrangea colourant 250g
Hydrangea flower colour changer For outdoor or pot container Hydrangeas Changes t..
Doff liquid growmore 1 litre
Balanced multi purpose feed with micro-nutrients liquid concentrate with integral measu..
Doff liquid seaweed 1 litre
Organic and natural plant growth stimulant Makes up to 300litres Organic & na..
Doff multi purpose feed 1 litre
Balanced multi-purpose feed Best Seller 1 litre of liquid concentrate makes up to..
Doff rooting powder 75g
Easy to use rooting powder For all edible and ornamental cuttings For use on soft..
Doff rose feed 1 litre
Specially blended feed for roses & flowering plants Added seaweed & magnesium ..
Doff tomato feed 1 litre
Tomato Feed Concentrate For strong & healthy growth With added seaweed and ma..
Levington tomorite 500ml
The UK’s favourite liquid plant food for tomatoes, also ideal for flowering pot plants that appre..
Miracle gro all purpose plant food 1kg
Grow more spectacular flowers, bigger vegetables, lush foliage and stronger trees and shrubs!..
Miracle gro azalea, camelia & rhododendron plant food 500g
A special plant food that creates the ideal growing environment for acid-loving plants like a..
Westland houseplant potting mix 8 litres
This is a specialist blend that can be used by anybody who wants a strong and healthier plant..